Adelaide River Resort - Location Information and Map


The Adelaide River Resort is conveniently located within walking distance to various attractions and other locations.

Adelaide River Heritage Railway Station is close to;
  • Adelaide River War Cemetery
  • Adelaide River Heritage Railway Museum
  • Post Office Store
  • Adelaide River Police Station
  • Adelaide River Health Clinic
  • Adelaide River Primary School, Library and Oval


The township of Adelaide River is conveniently located:
  • 45 minutes from Emerald Springs
  • 30 minutes from Hayes Creek
  • 30 minutes from Batchelor/Rum Jungle
  • 5 minutes from Robin Falls -15km out along the Daly River Road
  • 15 minutes from Snake Creek WW2 Site
  • 1 hour from Darwin
  • 1 hour from Daly River
  • 1 hour from Douglas Daly and Douglas Daly Hot Springs
  • 45 minutes from Litchfield National Park,
  • 1 hour from Pine Creek
  • 1-2 hours from Goldfields Loop
  • 2 hours from Katherine and Edith Falls